Five Tips for Collecting Baseball Cards

1.) Do it because you love it, not as an investment.

The collector that truly loves baseball is more likely to stick with it and find collecting brings out their love for the game, both past and present. Collecting baseball cards is an emotional bond to the game, its players and its history. If you collect for investment purposes, oftentimes you have to distance yourself from those emotions. You’ll also likely to be disappointed or regretful more when your investments don’t pan out than the collector that collects with his heart.

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2.) Focus your collection.

Face it, you can’t collect everything. There’s just too much, and everyone has a collecting budget. You’ll be more satisfied if you find a way to focus your collection, and there are hundreds of ways to do so. You can collect a certain team or player. You can collect certain years or sets. You can focus on rookie cards, hall of famers, autographed or memorabilia cards. The options are virtually endless. The more focused you are, the better, as you can allocate your resources to your particular goals.

3.) Stick to a budget.

Baseball card collecting can be an expensive hobby. There are so many amazing cards out there that it can be easy to over extend yourself. Opening boxes of cards is fun, and to some addictive. But opening boxes hardly ever pays for itself, so do so with caution. Set a monthly budget for your card spending that allows you to meet your financial responsibilities first. Spend only what you can afford, and don’t be afraid to not buy anything at times and save your surplus so you have a larger budget in the future should a card you have to have appear for sale.

4.) Join an online card forum.

There are many online forums that promote sharing of knowledge about the hobby, as well as online trading and sales. Join a forum and don’t be afraid to ask questions of its members – many forums have experienced members that can assist you in your collecting pursuits. Forums are a fun way to share your collection with others as well. Popular forums include,,, and

5.) Take advantage of available internet collecting resources.

You can shop for cards on many online sites, including,,, and Online checklist sites such as and are excellent places to find set information. A free “snipe” program site allows you to place bids on auction sites in advance, so you don’t forget about ending times – a good one is Social media sites such as and have many user groups devoted to baseball card collecting.